Four Must-Have Accessories For Your Bike

When you buy a new bicycle, the spending doesn’t stop with the bike. Like any hobby, you’ll need to buy accessories that make your bike better, safer, and more fun to ride. You can purchase many different kinds of accessories at a road bike shop, and the following are four top picks of one road bike shop in Singapore.

Accessory #1: Bags. If you do any long distance riding, you’ll need bags to carry things you need. Rather than carrying a heavy backpack, which can interfere with your balance, look for bags that attach to the bike frame, like a triangle bag that fits under the center bar or panniers that hang on either side of a rack mounted behind the seat. Handlebar bags attach to the front of the bike in the center of the handlebars, and they’re good for holding a phone or wallet. Good bags should be water resistant and easy to attach and detach.


Accessory #2: Racks. A rear rack is attached behind the seat, and it is good for carrying heavy loads. A typical rear rack will hold up to fifty pounds, and it’s the first rack you should install since it’s in the best location. For extra storage, you can add a front rack that can hold bags on either side of the front wheel. These are important accessories for someone who is touring and needs to carry luggage and tools. A Singapore road bike shop will help you choose and install a rack for your bike.

Accessory #3: Lights. Bicycle lights can help you see what’s ahead of you when you’re riding in the dark, but even more importantly, they help other drivers see you. Look for the brightest possible lights to maximize your safety on the road, and consider using front, rear, and side lights on your bike. When choosing lights, you’ll also want to consider the type of bulb. LED bulbs are long-lasting and energy efficient. You may also want to add lights to your helmet and to your shoes to increase your visibility.

Accessory #4: The Helmet. This is your number one safety accessory. Even though it isn’t universally mandatory, a helmet can decrease the risk of a head injury by more than 80%. All helmets are designed to protect your head in a crash, but there are some differences among them. Road bike helmets, for example, are designed to be more lightweight and aerodynamic, while mountain bike helmets give you a little more coverage and may include a visor. If you road bikes for sale in Singapore, make sure to ask for a size chart to determine your correct helmet size, and make sure it’s a good fit.

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